Wines for Rich Colorful Autumn before a cold wind began to blow. Needless to say that autumn is the best season to enjoy wine and food. Great rich food is harvested abundantly, and so is wine...all grapes are harvested to become miracle beverages...wines for the following years. It is our pure history and tradition. It is a great gift from our divine or not, they are beautiful nature’s law without augments. Great food and wine are not separable, like body and soul. They are nature’s celebrations to our life and civilization. 

Region to region, culture to culture, tradition to tradition, you may find many great matching combinations food with wine anywhere. Of course places that are not suited to grow grapes are exception such as super hot or cold climate regions, but there yet everyone enjoys wine for hundreds of years being brought by adventurous merchants and traders. With today’s technological advances and global economy, wine growing regions have spread out the world to some unimaginable places we could not think until a few decades ago. And that makes the world more interesting today and accessible to more people to enjoy variety of wines. Perhaps it also promotes friendly and a peaceful environment. 

California’s Pacific Coast region where I have lived for the past 40 years was not traditionally a big grape growing and wine production region perhaps until 50-60 years ago. At the same time that major IT and computer science’s research and development have been rapidly advance and triumphed. California wine also has become the world's one of most celebrated premium wines both in quantity and quality. California’s amazing warm and dry climate (similar to Mediterranean climate) and soil grows all kinds of grapes and produces top rated wines today which stand and compete to well known great wines from anywhere in the world, yet ours with unique aroma, taste and flavor of California own. 

As I am an individual who was born and grew up in entirely different four seasons (as it differs from California’s climate), California wines and food were not so dimensional in general  (we have only two seasons; hot and dry and a bit cool and wet). I may be very spoiled by California’s great weather and modern friendly culture, yet I occasionally miss a bit more “subtlety and complexity in food and wine” in recent years without much exact and appealing definition. Anyhow, here is my first wine choice and recommendation for a rich colorful autumn season. As a cook, these wines are always the most enjoyable aroma, taste and flavor for the season’s organic food product to enjoy.

My recommendation for autumn wines:

Merlot in September and white go for Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Noir in October and white go for Chardonnay

Syrah in November and white go for Riesling and Gewurztraminer

Note. Try purchasing two same varietal wines; one lower price range of wine $$ (?), and the other perhaps for higher quality $$$ (?) each month I suggest, however, you make your own decision depending on whether it is a cooler day or warmer or not. So you will learn different cuvee, styles and price ranges to make your discovery and prize for the judment. 


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