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Prosecco is quality sparkling wine made primarily in Veneto region of northeastern Italy near the city of Treviso which is about a half one hour drive north of Venice. Historically close proximity to the great culture and wealth of the region, Prosecco’s wine quality and popularity (dry, light, fruity and floral sparkling wine, plus very affordable) have been growing worldwide today.

Prosecco is made with primarily Prosecco grapes (aka “Glera”, a local green varietal), created around mid-19th century when a sparkling wine making method called the “Tank Method”, use of large high-tech fermentation steal tank was invented. It makes simpler and faster spumante (sparkling) wine than labor and time consuming traditional, classic Champagne production method which requires twice the fermentation process in the bottles by human hands.
Tank Method is that still wine’s second fermentation (adding sugar and east to obtain CO2) is done in the temperature controlled big cooling tank and then fill …

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