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Malbec -- Rich dark fruits flavor, full-bodied

A powerful red wine, Malbec is getting popular attention in America and many wine merchants and critiques are equally recommending a lot for ArgentinaMalbec in recent years. I remember when I first time tasted Argentina Malbec in late 1990th, I was invited by small group of wineries from there, but thought it was dark inky wines and could not found anything interesting flavors for market value (because it wasn’t food friendly), even they were pretty cheap at the time. In past a few years I had been tasted quite few new Malbec from Argentina and have recognized absolute their improvement of quality but also found higher prices, some of them are amazingly expensive. Production of Malbec wine from Chile, Australia, Washington State and California is also gaining popularity in the U.S.

Malbec is dark-colored, tannic, quite intense full-bodied wine from an old grape varietal originated from France’s southwest. It has been traditionally popular for as an important blending wine to Bordeaux…

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