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BARBARESCO “The jewel of modern Italian wine”

Barbaresco is like Barolo wine made with distinctive Nebbiolograpes grown in Piedmontregion of northwestern Italy. Nebbiolos are thin-skinned, fussy grapes which make some of Italy’s finest and most expensive red wines today. Nebbiolo has been grown in Italy more than a few centuries, however their current style of prestigious dry red wine making was started late 19th century. It although makes up only a small percentage of vineyards in Italy; currently, most of them in the Piedmont region. Barabaresco’s entire annual production today is still less than 100,000 cases a year from 50 plus vineyards which is equivalent to just one mid-size wine producer in California. So it likes cultivating precious natural pearls in a large pacific ocean. 

NebbioloGrapes are high in tannin and acid, therefore necessary to have a long fermentation and particularly long aging process, especially for traditional wine styles, and they are often aged for 3-5 years in large wooden casks to help tame the pucke…

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